Simple Tips to keep your bathroom safe for young children

Bathroom independence has taken over in our house. The novelty of turning the tap on and pulling faces in the bathroom mirror are all part of our day. Toothbrushing struggles continue because in a three-year old world who cares if my teeth fall out or feel furry?
For us as parents that means checking our bathroom is safe, sisters hair straightener is put away after use and we have learnt all the appropriate songs needed for toothbrushing time.

Some suggestions to help you promote bathroom independence and keep your child safe:

1. Always Supervise – In 2015 10% of drowning deaths in Australia were children aged 0 – 4. Drowning is quick and silent. If you need to do something that cannot wait then it is always best to take your child out of the bath and with you.

2. Check water temperature:
Teaching your child the different temperature symbols and colours (c or blue is cold h or red is hot) while supervising will reduce those “I can do it” moments. If you aren’t sure of the water temperature and worried about getting it wrong then Dreambaby® Watch-Your-Step® Heat Alert Anti-Slip Bath Mats change to pale blue colour when the water is too hot and are a handy way to help prevent accidental slips and falls.


3. Prevent falls and slips:
A non slip step will allow your child to wash their hands independently and use a mirror to brush their teeth and wash their face. The Dreambaby® 2-Up Step Stool has been tried and tested in our house. Sure-grip surface coverage ensures a secure grip for covered and bare feet. The two small steps reach perfectly to the bathroom sink.


Dreambaby® Watch-Your-Step® Anti-Slip Bath Mats are a perfect way to stop that slipping and sliding in the bath and can prevent injuries. When I first stuck these on the bottom of the bath my three-year old just wanted to take them off and play with them but it didn’t take long for her to understand they were there to stop her from slipping.

Although your child is growing up to be independent, Dreambaby® products are designed to be used and work best, with adult supervision”. Nothing beats supervision when it comes to keeping your child safe and preventing accidents.

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Note: Products were supplied for review – All opinions are my own.