The story so far…

Tee-Zed has always been a family business, founded by husband and wife Tony and Carolyn Ziegler in Australia in 1983. By 1989, the birth of their first daughter led them to identify the real need for a practical range of home safety solutions for infants and toddlers, without taking away from their early childhood development.

And so, Tee-Zed Products was born.

Starting with one office, in one room, in the heart of Sydney, we eventually began expanding our range to include other brands. It soon became apparent that the market for child safety was not exclusively domestic. We began broadening our horizons in 1990, opening our second office in our neighbouring Auckland, New Zealand. 10 years later, our journey towards global expansion surged forward in 2000, when we exhibited at our first international trade fair.

2001 saw the establishment of our international distribution and in 2005 we proudly opened the exciting (and at times, frightening) operation, in the USA. Tee-Zed continues to spread our wings, having launched in the UK in January 2012.

To date, we sell to over 100 countries on every continent, and our packaging has been translated into over 15 languages.

Our journey into the contemporary international market is a rewarding and challenging one. We pride ourselves on making direct contact with our consumers and customers throughout the world, always striving for continuous imporovement. We have been proudly online since 2000, now with a fantastic range of ‘how to’ product demonstrations, and general safety videos on YouTube, available via DreambabyTV.

With Dreambaby® well established, the entrepreneurial pair turned their attention to expanding the company’s brand portfolio. Now, the Tee-Zed umbrella also includes Magic Mounts® permanent and removable hanging solutions, my!office® work place safety, right@home® safety products to enable an independent lifestyle for the elderly, Tee-Zed Licensed Nursery Décor including night lights and removable wall prints in a great range of popular characters, and Bindaboo® pet gates and pet beds.

Tee-Zed Products is continually looking to expand, develop and grow and to do so in step with parents and carers everywhere. The company welcomes ideas and dialogue via direct call, Email as well as social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The family spirit continues into Tee-Zed’s future, as both daughters are now employees of the company. Who knows what the future will hold…